About Us

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In the modern world of innovations, there is one constant demand – a reliable, smooth and trouble-free operation of the equipment. Therefore, our company puts this question in the first place in the selection of the equipment supplied for each individual customer.

LLC “Industrial Mechanics” has extensive experience in the design and implementation of projects for the most demanding and heavy industries, namely, metallurgy, mining, processing plants, crane construction, ports and terminals. For these sectors one of the main criteria is the lack of downtime.

We offer not only the individual components of the electric and hydraulic drive, such as gear boxes, motors, couplings, motor controllers, control and management systems.

We offer much more:

  • Design and technical support for projects on all the above mentioned industries
  • Delivery of the equipment to the customer
  • Commissioning and commissioning
  • Customer trainings of proper use of equipment
  • Warranty and service
  • Resource of supplied equipment is measured in decades