Vira-Service Intermash

Vira-Service Intermash

Alexandria PTO VIRA-SERVICE-INTERMASH plant – sources


LLC VTO-Vira-Service Intermash plant – an enterprise that was based on the merger of two plants: OJSC Alexandriya firm Vira-Service and LLC PKP Intermash, Which allowed to synergically improve the production and business processes of the enterprise. Modern technologies of Intermash company and long-term experience and production base of Vira Service have created a high potential for production of bridges and gantry cranes of high quality at a democratic price.

The new enterprise is the successor to the glorious Alexandria plant of handling equipment – One of the largest and oldest enterprises in its area in the region. Huge production capacities, constantly updated equipment, modern technologies and a large staff of highly qualified personnel allow producing high-quality, high-quality products of any complexity level in the shortest possible time.

Production of handling equipment – the main profile of the plant. The functional of its working shops is maximally adapted to the development of bridge cranes and other similar equipment.

Huge working areas allow all production processes, including full-scale collection and testing of the crane, to be carried out in specialized workshops with a controlled climate.

Bridges and gantry cranes, as well as crane beams produced by the Vira Service Intermash plant are supplied with quality components: Telfer Bulgarian, Tal Bulgaria.
The plant has a quality control laboratory that conducts chemical and mechanical tests, which guarantees the quality and reliability of the products. Therefore, for certain details the factory provides a guarantee of up to 10 years!