Drum Brakes BD

Drum brakes according to DIN 15435 braking torques up to 7.800Nm.

Service brakes, safety brakes, emergency brakes welded steel structure in accordance with standards DIN 15435

Service brake
Safety brake
Emergency brake

Original Equipment

Welded steel structure according to DIN 15435 – epoxy resin painting (2 coatings) – RAL 3000 final colouring.
Manganese phosphated pins.
Self-lubricating bushes on main joints.
Light alloy drums with asbestos free bonded linings.
Friction coefficient μ=0,42.
Braking torque scale indicator.


The drum brakes WESTCAR type A are negative.
The braking force is obtained by means of a spring that, through a suitable system of levers, transmits its amplified action to the braking pads.
Un attuatore elettro idraulico esercita un’azione opposta a quella della molla determinando, quando alimentato elettricamente, l’apertura del freno.
An electrohydraulic or pneumatic thrustor makes an opposite force to the spring, causing the pads to open, therefore the brake to release.
The braking force of the linings against the drum can be modulated by adjusting the spring.
Braking torque changes depending on braking force modulation.


Automatic wear compensation (RG).
Linings max wear indicator (fitted on rod) (FCU).
Open brake indicator, either fitted on thrustor or on spring set (to be specified) (FCA).
Larger drum (50% wider) (L).
Stainless steel pins (INOX)